Here you may find some contemplative words

I am Tahirih



Soham “I am that which is pure and divine”: not a spark or a drop, but the essence. This body that sits in meditation by the lake will return to the earth, the dust of stars; so there is a coming and going in God. The so-hum, hum-sa of breath; and a universe of one … Continue reading Soham

I am Tahirih 

I am Tahirih Last night she wore the mask that bares the soul She stood behind the screen to speak The prison that frees her voice   And today my heart is open   To be open to love is to be unprotected The Rose opening burnt by the sun The Arms opening to be … Continue reading I am Tahirih 


If there were no words Would life still be a story? This is what I see: Still water reflecting sky Open, fresh, free Stretching on forever On the water an ocean of lotus Wide green leaves giving life Soaking sunlight and alchemizing that gold Into perfect out stretching flowers Expressions And symbols at once Dredging … Continue reading Lotus

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