Rebecca P.

I would say that Unjay’s style of teaching is inclusive in every sense – I really felt welcomed and part of a community.

I have never stuck at yoga before practicing with Unjay; he has a way of making you feel totally comfortable and at ease.


If you want to escape the busy noise of your mind even for just a moment, you should come to one of Unjay’s practices.


I would recommend Shala Om to yogis of all levels and journeys.

Trish B.

Casual, achievable for a return to yoga person, twice a week is a good immediate reinforcer + Unjay is skilled and approachable.
Loved the small group, great people with a common goal and everyone moving at their own pace. Unjay is very knowledgeable – oh and he knows yoga too!

Louise F.

Starting with basics but never boring. Suits all fitness levels with no judgement.

Perfect course for beginners or people just needing a refresher. Great mix of styles, skill levels and poses for everyone. You will love the guided meditations, breathing exercises and singing bowls.

Heather F.

It was paced extremely well for beginners to progress well, and the meditation aspects of the course were good to relax to.

Joanna G.

Unjay offers a practical and unpretentious approach to yoga which is just perfect for beginners or those who are out of practice!

Tania K.

As someone who isn’t a fan of pretense, I felt I could be myself with no judgement in the class (I could even fall over or not make some postures and feel comfortable!). Unjay guided us through gently and made the class light-hearted and enjoyable. We were taken at a gentle pace, but still had some challenging moments. The relaxation and Unjay’s chanting at the end was pretty special. Loved it.

Caity H.

I found the course really helped me destress after work! I noticed my flexibility and strength increased thanks to Unjay’s expert teachings.

Fiona E.

Such a great introduction to Yoga. Unjay is an engaging and passionate yoga teacher whose classes are friendly and fun and filled with variety. I have found something I love to do for ME and will be continuing my yoga journey. Thank you