Shala Om offers community yoga classes in Semaphore and Kilburn

We practise Hatha and Yin Yoga styles with an emphasis on the meditative aspect of yoga.

Classes are run lunchtimes and evenings. In summer we hope to have seafront outdoor classes on Saturday morning in Semaphore.

Our classes are small, usually 8- 10 students. This means a more personalised yoga experience for you.

We offer private classes which are perfect if you have any health issues which you feel may impact your ability to take part in a regular class at this moment. We work with students with a number of major conditions who find the practice beneficial, and they sometimes move into our regular classes as their confidence improves. Private classes are tailored specifically to your needs and abilities.

Shala Om is all about growing a community of people who are passionate about yoga. Especially if you love yoga as a path of personal growth and spiritual purpose.

Hope to see you on the mat,



Shala Om ॐ - Yoga Studio in Semaphore





What does Shala Om mean?


“Shala” means “house” and is often used to refer to a place in which yoga is practised.

And “Om”…. ॐ…. Well there have literally been thousands of pages devoted to describing what Om is. The most succinct and barest idea I can offer you is that is the vibration of The Universe.

So Shala Om is a place dedicated to being in harmony with the universe through the wisdom and practice of yoga. This website is dedicated to that purpose.

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