Will my head ever touch my knee in seated forward bend?

Well, we don’t know. Luckily, from a yoga perspective, it isn’t important.

Yoga is not about the shapes, it’s about awareness. First thing to realise is, it’s your practice. Not anybody else’s. Just like it’s your body, not anybody else’s. Some people are superflexi, that’s how they are made. Some people are not, that’s how they are made. Real physiology comes into play here, size and shape of bones, tendons etc. So it is quite possible that you will never touch your head to your knees in utthita paschimottasana. The good new is, that’s okay.

Regularly practising yoga WILL improve your flexibility and range of motion. It will also calm you and contribute to your quality of life. One of the yogic virtues I recommend to my students is santosha. This is the practice of active contentment. Therefore, when in seated forward bend, don’t think, “oh when will my head touch my knees?”. Instead focus on the physical sensation present in that moment for you, notice where your body is tight (I’m guessing lower back and hamstrings), and being okay with that. You are alive, you are conscious, you are free to practise yoga. All amazing things, and all enough for now.

Be in the present moment. Enjoy it. It’s all a gift.


Photo courtesy of Nina Mel

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