I am Tahirih 

I am Tahirih

Last night she wore the mask that bares the soul

She stood behind the screen to speak

The prison that frees her voice


And today my heart is open


To be open to love is to be unprotected

The Rose opening burnt by the sun

The Arms opening to be crucified

The eyes opening to see



So in the quiet before dawn

I go into the garden

And feel the connexion

And the danger

Of the soul being held in a body

As the candle flame flickers in the jar

That contains it even though it cannot hold its light in



There is no other way to feel than to open

There is no other way to embrace than to open your arms,

Unshielding your heart

No other way to shine than to be consumed by fire



So even I, Tahirih, take off my veil

The one I chose to wear.

Yes it means I must go

But I go to my Beloved

And there is no other way



It is the way of love.





© 2015 Unjay

with thanks to Delia Olam for the inspiration

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