Classes and Timetable

who can come?

Classes are suitable for everyone including beginners. We practise two styles, each with a strong meditative aspect.

where are we?

Shala Om now has two venues:

1. Semaphore Uniting Church Hall, 146 Semaphore Road, Exeter

2. LeFevre Community Stadium, 541 Victoria Road, Osborne


what styles of yoga do we practice ?


Hatha yoga is the tradional form and we teach according to the needs of the class on the night, giving options for beginners and more advanced students and offering modified poses where possible if you are injured or have less flexibility etc..

Yin yoga is a more recent style which focuses on floor-based poses which are held for up to 5 minutes each. This works to release the fascia and is an extremely reflective style which leaves you very relaxed and well stretched. People who are less confident about their ability to do yoga often find Yin yoga to be a less challenging way to try out the practice.

Weeknight classes are held in Semaphore Uniting Church Hall, 146 Semaphore Road, Exeter.

From April until it gets warmer, Saturday morning classes will also be held in the Semaphore Uniting Church Hall.

Daytime weekday classes 1pm at LeFevre Community Stadium, 541 Victoria Road, Osborne

Over Summer, and as long as weather permits, there will be outdoor morning classes on Saturdays at the Timeball Tower.


Shala Om 2019 Classes


  •  Mondays 1 pm LeFevre Community Stadium Hatha Yoga


  • Tuesdays 6.30 pm Semaphore Uniting Church Hall Hatha Yoga


  • Wednesdays 1 pm LeFevre Community Stadium Hatha Yoga


  • Thursdays 1 pm LeFevre Community Stadium Hatha Yoga or Yin Yoga


  • Thursdays 6.30 pm Semaphore Uniting Church Hall Yin Yoga


  • Saturdays (Spring/Summer) 9.00 am Outdoor Yoga, next to the Timeball Tower on the hill, Cnr Semaphore Road and The Esplanade Hatha Yoga


  • Saturdays (Autumn/Winter) 9.00 am Semaphore Uniting Church Hall Hatha Yoga


what do classes cost?

  • All classes $15/ $10 concession (cash please, no EFTPOS available)
  • Membership $25/ $20 concession per week direct debit. Best value if you come twice a week or more.
  • 10 class passes are available for $135 (=10th class free)
  • I am also available for private and small group classes. These can be at your place, or outdoors. Some students have found these helpful for addressing specific issues they have during class. These start at $75 for up to three people for a 70 minute class. each additional student is $20.



Phone or text me, Unjay, 043 1928 663

or email

Also check the Facebook page for updates: Shala Om on FaceBook

What to bring:

*A mat, if you have one; a limited number of mats will be available for use if you haven’t (free)
*A towel, in case you are super sweaty like me
*loose and/or stretchy comfortable clothing, not necessarily designer-label
*option to bring a blanket and/or bolster for meditation/seated postures (bolsters and blankets are also provided)
*$15/ $10 cash payment. Change available. Purchase at class.

for enquiries, phone Unjay 043 1928 663, or email

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!


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