What can real yoga do?

My whole purpose in starting Shala Om:  I feel like too much yoga these days is done superficially. Too many studios present yoga as a trendy cardio workout, with little time to feel into each pose of the sequence. This is a true loss, beacuse what yoga uniquely can do, is to walk that line between the unconscious energy of the body and the conscious mind. It brings us fully into the present moment. And being in the moment, the connection between unconscious energy and the conscious mind just happens.

Really it can’t be put into words, it is experienced in the practice. And we feel the beneficial effect afterwards. Everyone always does.

Yoga is not a doctrine or a creed, yoga is movement in harmony with our multi-layered nature as human beings.

Yoga : 2pm Sundays

Yoga: 6.30 pm Thursdays

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