A couple of short thoughts on depression

“This world is definitely a hard place for the spirit soul to be in. It’s not the natural home of the soul so in a sense we should all feel depressed.”

– Gopala dasi

Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, Adelaide

…in the chrysalis, the caterpillar dissolves into a solution, no longer a caterpillar but not yet a butterfly, and that our transitions are like that too. The pain of not knowing what is to come, of what was dissolving. And yet, you can’t go back to what you knew. You just have to ride it through. I think depression can sometimes be a buckling of the mind under that stress, a bridge that buckled under a heavy load crossing a threshold on the way to somewhere new. It is good if we are able to reach out and know we are not alone at these times, it helps us survive that cold, dark crossing.

  • Unjay, letter to Melody Marshall Habibi,

July 2015

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