Creativity is the core of creation


Creativity is the first principle of the universe.
In our world, creativity is under threat. Regulations intended to protect us from catastrophe such as terrorist activities effectively curtail our human rights. Similarly, policies and procedures intended to provide safety at work or assist productivity have become so much more important than the work itself. The necessity of conforming to an established practice and of being able to prove that you have override the impulse to innovate. In our current social climate, the rule is conform or be thrown out.

But this runs counter the very nature of the creation we live in. We can equally say it runs counter to the very creation of nature we live in. Let’s trace it back to an origin story, say, the Big Bang. Science admits of neither time nor space before this proposed moment of beginning. So isn’t that the ultimate word in creativity? That time and space themselves should spontaneously arise out of nothing? And at the same moment all the laws of physics, known and unknown, are set.
From here we come to the formation of stars from one or two elements, helium and hydrogen. From clouds of hot plasma, distinct, individual dynamic suns. Billions of them. As some of them explode as super novae they give rise to all the elements we know in a creative riot of nuclear fusion.
And those elements combine in literally countless ways within molecules, eventually producing self-replicating life forms, and, ultimately, us. We are star dust.
Any creative act we do, not only in an expression of an art form, but any creative solution to a problem, any creative way of offering service to a living being, or to maintain the integrity of our natural environment, is completely in line with the nature of the universe as a whole. Creativity is the way of things. It is the reason we are here.
So follow your creative impulses, knowing that you are in flow with the core of all that is.

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