School’s out, so is Shala Om

 alice cooper montage Thank you all for a fantastic first term of yoga in the cinnamon warmth of Shala Om.

We are taking a couple of weeks off for the school holidays.

Classes resume Thursday 23rd July at 6.30 pm.

 See you on the mat!


Welcome to Shala Om.

But what can that mean, you may wonder.

Well, “Shala” means “house” and is often used to refer to a place in which yoga is practised.

And “Om”…. Well there have literally been thousands of pages voted to describing what Om is. The most succinct and barest idea I can offer you he is that it is the vibration of The Universe.

So Shala Om is a place dedicated to being in harmony with the universe through the wisdom and practice of yoga. This website is dedicated to that purpose.

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