If there were no words

Would life still be a story?

This is what I see:

Still water reflecting sky

Open, fresh, free

Stretching on forever

On the water an ocean of lotus

Wide green leaves giving life

Soaking sunlight and alchemizing that gold

Into perfect out stretching flowers

Expressions And symbols at once

Dredging from the depths

Through deep intertwined roots

From one earth a manyness of being

Showering sight in revelation

the life contained unseen

Unlocked by reaching down, opening arms

And gazing at heaven

© 2015 Unjay


English: Tir Bijan Lagoon, Amol City, Iran
فارسی: آب‌بندان روستای تیربیجان، آمل، مازندران، ایران



The yoga body lie

So, in no way do I fit the modern western ideal of a yogi, let alone a yoga teacher. I know I have less than no hope of teaching for the studio which I go to as a student. 


  • I am not a woman
  • I am not a young woman
  • I am not a lithe, long legged young woman
  • I am not an unusually beautiful lithe, long legged young woman

You know the ideal I am talking about. She is on the cover of even well meaning yoga magazines, ideologically sound clothing companies’ catalogues and yoga studio ads.

Even family members ask me things such as, “You’re a big boy to be doing yoga aren’t you?”

It can be difficult to stay focussed on the clear aim of yoga: the acceptance and integration of the body into the self, the Union of physical, mental and spiritual being into an undivided awareness of the divine already dwelling within.

Here are some thoughts of other yoginis on the subject:

Just google “yoga body” and you’ll find your screen flooded with young, white, beautiful women whose lithe bodies are either executing some advanced posture requiring the strength and bendiness of an Olympic Gymnast or  are sitting in Lotus, hands in prayer, eyes closed, their enraptured faces evoking beatific female saints who denied the flesh in search of transcendence.

Danielle Prohom Olsen


YJ.com: People often talk about the “yoga body.” What does that mean to you?
 The yoga practice as we know it was designed in the East by and for men with short bodies and long limbs. It’s been carried on in the West by women with short bodies and long limbs. Those are the bodies we see in the magazines and Pinterest pictures doing all the cool, pretzel-shaped poses and making them look easy and accessible.

We need to change that ideal. A yoga body, in fact, is any body doing yoga. Can you breathe and be aware of it? Congratulations, you have a yoga body.

Samantha Menzies


We all need to let go and just truly accept ourselves for who we are.

When our time comes and our physical bodies die, do we want to look back and realize we lived our lives trying to change to please others? Or do we come to a point and realize that we are perfect now, we will never be here again and in that moment, we are more beautiful and no one…let me say that again, no one, can steal or snuff out our light.

Rachel Priest


Maybe instead of the mirror, the magazine and the selfie, we should simply close our eyes and focus within. This is what the real yoga body does; this is what it is for; this, and not its outward appearance, defines it.

What is meditation?

The fact is that you meditate not to attain God, but to become aware that God is within you.

Shree Gurudev

Meditation is the yogic practice of being connected to the deepest part within. A wide range of meditation techniques are designed to help you observe and explore the world of thoughts and feelings, and go beyond to an experience of deep peace and contentment.


What is yoga?


This answer is one I found on the Yoga Australia website..


…As my teacher Madhuri says, “each asana (pose) not looking a certain way”.  Photo: Punnamjai

There are many different ideas related to Yoga, where it comes from, what it is all about, and how to practice a range of techniques.

Generally, it is recognised as an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices derived from the Vedic tradition of India and the Himalayas, more than 2500 years ago. It is a system that recognises the multi-dimensional nature of the human person, and primarily relates to the nature and workings of the mind, based on experiential practice and self-enquiry.

In Yoga, the body, breath and mind are seen as a union of these multi-dimensional aspects of each and every human being. The system and various techniques of Yoga cultivate the experience of that union, leading to greater integration of being, internal peacefulness, and clarity of the mind. It is a system that is designed to cultivate health and happiness, and a greater sense of self-awareness and higher consciousness.

Free Beach Yoga Session Sunday 1st March 2015

Come to a free beach yoga sesh THIS Sunday, 1st March, 9 am.

Celebrate the theoretical end of Summer and beginning of Autumn, and help me complete my teacher training at the same time.

Once I am qualified I will be so expensive no one will be able to come to my classes, so book in now to avoid the bitterest disappointment you could ever imagine.

Bring a towel and/or mat, water and meet at the Angel Clock at the jetty end of Semaphore Road.

Class will be suitable for beginners to intermediate level yogis. Advanced people or teachers will have to restrain themselves and try not to show off!

add your name and email/mobile # in the comment section below to book in


Shala Om offers yoga within and around Semaphore.

Classes are suitable for everyone including beginners. The style is Hatha yoga and the emphasis is on restorative and conscious practice with a strong meditative aspect.

Classes run on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The venue is the Semaphore Uniting Church hall.

Thursdays 6.30- 7.40pm

Thursdays 6.30- 7.40pm


Cost $10.00

for enquiries, phone Unjay 043 1928 663, or email namaste@shalaom.com


Welcome to Shala Om.

But what can that mean, you may wonder.

Well, “Shala” means “house” and is often used to refer to a place in which yoga is practised.

And “Om”…. Well there have literally been thousands of pages voted to describing what Om is. The most succinct and barest idea I can offer you he is that it is the vibration of The Universe.

So Shala Om is a place dedicated to being in harmony with the universe through the wisdom and practice of yoga. This website is dedicated to that purpose.

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Poetry: Soham


“I am that
which is pure and divine”:
not a spark
or a drop,
but the essence.

This body
that sits in meditation by the lake
will return to the earth,
the dust of stars;
so there is a coming and going in God.

The so-hum, hum-sa of breath;
and a universe of one breath,
expanding and contracting,
collapsing to nothing,
a wave of sound,
just one note,
swelling and fading,
all the expanse of space-time
and body-mind
only one note,
one rising, vanishing
moment in the Holy Song

© 2014

*so-ham and its reverse ham-so are Sanskrit mantras used in some types of meditation. They mean “I am that” i.e. I am “part of” or “one with” or “connected to” everything that is, on every plane of existence, in every mode and scale, macrocosm and microcosm. It’s a pretty far out concept! Thanks to Madhuriji for introducing this to me.